Report on the Problems Faced by Domestic Workers During the Pandemic in the Context of Violations of the Right to Work and Other Rights

The problems and rights violations that were experienced have been determinant in forming demands for the realisation of short and long term policies. It was observed that providing domestic workers with the necessary legal safeguards and enabling them to enjoy basic employment rights, at least at the same level as other workers, will be very significant in minimising rights violations in future crises. The need for regulations addressing the specific problems of domestic workers has also been clearly shown. The development of mechanisms to support the formal employment of domestic workers and the coverage of trade unions through which domestic workers may organise as one of the social parties in decision-making mechanisms are among the most prominent recommendations. In the short term, the main requirements are the provision of protective equipment for domestic workers who have to work during the pandemic period, information and awareness raising for both employers and domestic workers, a minimum basic living wage for domestic workers – even if they work informally – and access to the right to social security. Some of the other basic demands of domestic workers are a ban on lay-offs in domestic work as well and the provision of employer subsidies to ensure that domestic workers can access decent working conditions during this period.

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